mini ART house


create a mini house for a mouse, fairy or super hero!

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INSIDE: mouse house / folded box cardboard floor, 4 card stock walls, oil pastels, liquid watercolors, mini 3-D pieces, color modeling clay, brush, glue stick

This is a really, really fun project for everyone, creating your very own miniature house with art. Kids love to use their imaginations and make a cozy nest all of their own design. It doesn’t have to be a house for a mouse, it can be a mini house for anything you want. Have fun with it all and remember… there are no mistakes when creating ART!

There are thousands of ways to make your mini ART HOUSE your own masterpiece. You can use many different techniques… drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, etc. You can get really creative making windows, doors, curtains, wall paper, paintings, mirrors, furniture, rugs, pets, creatures, whatever!


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