LOVE BOMBS is a series of 8 love themed beehive art projects that you can make or give as gifts and share the love! Orders come with these awesome gift cards to color in and send out, project materials and links to our super fun instructional videos. Local pick up or flat-rate shipping for families across US.

Choose from 8 projects:

Painted Heart Pillow – sold out 
hand-sewn heart pillow, sharpie marker, fabric paints, paint brush
Heart Shaped Box
heart treasure box, sharpie marker, oil pastels, shiny hearts and sequins,  mod-podge 
Big Paper Heart Sculpture
double-side paper heart cut-out, assorted tissue paper colors, container of mod-podge, glue brush
Heart Frame Collage
heart frame base, assorted paper, foil, fabric and add-ons, container of Elmer’s glue, glue brush
Valentine Cards – sold out 
12 flat, folded and heart shaped cards, colorful tissues, papers, doilies, sequins, shiny hearts, glue stick
Heart Garland
 a variety of color paper hearts, color markers, hanging string, beads
Love Bomb Play Dough
containers of sparkly bright colored play dough, a variety of pipe-cleaners, buttons, sticks, beads
Love Bomb Mini Sculptures
a really cool variety of primary and neon colors of model magic in a cute gable box for you to decorate

for ONE  $20

for TWO  $40

for FOUR  $80

for EIGHT  $160


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