Yesterday I got lost in my old neighborhood 
visiting  my favorite stops, including LIFE Alive  just before heading home.
My friend Liz brought me to this lovely organic cafe in Cambridge last spring, 
and since I have taken my fam and select friends. 
 I ordered the Harvest Smoothie (Avocado, Banana, Dates, Lemon, Kale, Chia, and Almond Milk)  and Simply Juice(Lemon, spirulina, honey, and pure water)
knowing that I’d be in the hot box within 2 hours.
 Yum and yum!
Live Alive is grassy green and way fresh and I love 
the relaxed, friendly staff and cool vibes.
NOT to be missed, the Journey Jar pictured above.. 
little scrolls of wisdom to send you on your way.

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