Nov 14 – Dec 15

4:00 – 6:00pm 

MON  TUE  WED for kids 5 – 9 years

THU for kids 10 years and up 

4 two hour classes   $175

This class is all about Gift Making and Giving.  Kids will create wonderful gifts they’ll be so proud to give to special people for the holidays.  We’re still collecting ideas for this year’s MAKERIE, but can promise that it will be the most wonderful collection of ART pieces and projects made with love by your children.  We design our own wrapping papers, gift bags and and gift tags to complete the festive gifts!  Get in the holiday spirit at the MAKERIE.  We do not have MAKERIE classes the week of Thanksgiving. Suggested for kids 4/5 and up. Thursday MAKERIE is for kids 10 years and up. 

Gift MAKERIE 2022

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