I have a love for stones and have several collections here + there. 
 I also have a bag of wool, a great group of 4 year olds 
and a bowl of suds. What could be better ?
I read up on a couple of DIYs, including one from a fav blog not so sham. 
The process is insanely fun and perfect for little hands. 
They love the soapy water and squishy wool.
From your wool roving,
 pull out small amounts of wool from the top and lay down in a vertical direction. Just make your first layer of wool very fine.
 Add a second layer crosswise. 
And a third layer is laid down across that. 
 Making sure there are no thin spots or holes as you go.
  We made nests for the stones to sit in and 
wrapped the wool roving over the stones, completey covering them.
We then wrapped the wool covered stone in a small piece of cloth, 
that will keep the wool in place to get you started. 

As the wool begins to be felt, it will fit snug around the stone.  
Unwrap the cloth and continue to gently roll stones in between palms.

We continued with the suds and smoothing the wool for a while.
I am sure there are dozens of ways to do this, but we kept it simple. 
And that was the best part. 

to make felted wool stones
wool roving 
river stones
liquid soap
cheese cloth (we used hand wipes) 
small bowl for water

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