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 mini ART KITS

A smaller creative kit of our favorite projects, little people and paper lanterns.  Perfect for party favors, birthday or afternoon art .. easy to ship or share with a friend. 

beehive ART box

Each carefully hand-crafted beehive ART Box represents the best of thousands of art sessions with kids, over thirty years of experimenting, developing and exploring, now condensed into a box available to children of all ages.

No two boxes are exactly alike and the projects combine our very favorite art materials, colors and most effective, proven art methods… yet the real joy, the actual “product” is the experience of a child instantly launching into pure creativity.



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Phone: (617) 413 – 7774

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WOW! These are amazing and better in person. I’m in love with my mobiles.


The Loome

Thank you very much for your shipment. The mobile is superb ! I just hang it in the room of our baby (we do not know if it will be a boy or a girl). The colors are perfect !!! The second mobile (that’s so nice to you) has found its way into the room where I do the school to our son Martin. Have a nice day !!!


AMAZING! Exactly like the photos, perfectly hand-crafted and shipped super fast! Already hanging in our office!


Gunner and Lux

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