Beehive ART box

exciting art projects for kids

LOVE      Valentine ART

CREATE  mixed media collage

BUILD   wood sculpture

CLOCK   tick tock ART clock

MINI     mouse house miniatures

Each carefully hand-crafted Beehive ART Box represents the best of thousands of art sessions with kids, over thirty years of experimenting, developing and exploring, now condensed into a box available to children of all ages.

No two boxes are exactly alike and the projects combine our very favorite art materials, colors and most effective, proven art methods… yet the real joy, the actual “product” is the experience of a child instantly launching into pure creativity.

NOT recommended for children under AGE 4. All materials are SAFE, NON-TOXIC and WASHABLE.

$20 Love BOX pick up at studio,  $28 to ship within US

$25 CREATE, BUILD, MINI AND CLOCK pick up at studio,    $33 to ship within US


Beehive Love box (3)

LOVE – Valentine ART and cards

INSIDE: 25 blank cards, papers & tissues, heart cut-outs, confetti, doilies, ribbons, watercolor paint, glue stick, large cardboard heart.

beehive LOVE art box is loaded with 25 cards (15 folded, 10 flat), assorted papers & colorful tissues, cut out hearts, ribbons, doilies, confetti, watercolors and glue stick.

And a beehive surprise.. a large cardboard heart to decoupage, paint and decorate for yourself or give to your sweetie.

be mine sweet Valentine!  xxoo

IMG_2477  IMG_2484  IMG_2439  IMG_2429



Beehive Create Box (1)


CREATE mixed-media collage

INSIDE: picture frame, blank books, cards and tags, assorted fabric, tissues & papers, oil pastels, liquid watercolors, glue, brush.

Welcome to some of our favorite mixed-media art projects! Collage, decoupage and watercolor resist techniques are featured in a box chock full of vibrant papers, tissues, pastels and paints, enough materials and ideas for hours of creation. Comes with suggestions and step-by-step instructions.

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Beehive Build Box (2)

BUILD box inside kit

BUILD wood sculpture

INSIDE: wood pieces, bases, wood glue, oil pastels, liquid watercolors, brush

This is one of our favorite and most popular art projects… building and designing your own wood sculpture! Build and create using an array of very cool and unusual wood pieces, glue and vibrant colors. Comes with ideas, suggestions, step-by-step instructions and enough bases and materials to make a few sculptures.

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Mouse House Box

MINI MOUSE HOUSE  –  miniature ART house

INSIDE: mouse house / folded box cardboard floor, 4 card stock walls, oil pastels, liquid watercolors, mini 3-D pieces, color modeling clay, brush, glue stick

This is a really, really fun project for everyone, creating your very own miniature house with art. Kids love to use their imaginations and make a cozy nest all of their own design. It doesn’t HAVE to be a house for a mouse, it can be a mini house for anything you want. Have fun with it all and remember… there are no mistakes when creating ART!

There are thousands of ways to make your MINI MOUSE HOUSE your own masterpiece. You can use many different techniques… drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, etc. You can get really creative making windows, doors, curtains, wall paper, paintings, mirrors, furniture, rugs, pets, creatures, whatever!

IMG_9659    IMG_2220     IMG_2199      IMG_2214

Beehive Clock BoxCLOCK tick tock art clock –  we are currently sold out. 

INSIDE: clock face, clock motor and hands, blank number discs, watercolors, brush, glue stick, black sharpie.

One of our most exciting projects because it so easily lends itself to individual expression AND teaches kids how to tell time the traditional “non-digital” way. It’s amazing how many kids don’t know the clock face! There are thousand ways to make your tick-tick art clock your own. Comes with ideas, suggestions and step-by-step instructions.

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