Talk about inspiration, Meri Cherry has got it going on
 every single day, honestly cannot keep up with her! 
Honored to be included here in her pick of incredible inspired art studios for kids 

I love looking into spaces and creative places for children. Everyone has a different vision but we all mostly have the same mission.  When I first started summer ART, carrying Eli on my hip, I had classes in my kitchen, back porch and backyard – it was perfect. It almost doesn’t matter about the space, it’s the energy you bring to it. 
It’s about the kids and they make the space. 
We moved beehive two years ago.  At the time, it was a sad day for us as we left our spacious studio with a cute store front. We’ve settled into our new home  and I LOVE it. It’s small and efficient. Everything has its place, it’s bright and cheery. It comes with incredible sunlight and a beautiful outdoor space. It’s a space for kids. 
Below is Meri’s outdoor art space which I am cuckoo over. 
I want to spend the afternoon in there with her and her girls making ART. 

Read more about art, kids, life here meri cherry blog.
Thank you Meri. 

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