a super-charged, free-form ART STUDIO for kids

Welcome to Beehive ART! where kids make art, explore techniques, materials and mediums and awaken their imaginations with the creative process in an exciting, stimulating and inspiring environment. It’s ALL about the KIDS!

We teach process and technique, but most importantly we strive to instill the freedom of individual creative expression, without restrictions or pre-conceptions. Our objective is to expose, engage, develop and enhance imaginations, decision-making, skills execution, out-side-the-box reasoning, problem-solving, confidence, self-identity and self-worth. We are artists and we teach from that perspective.
BEEHIVE ART is KIM POLER, who has run children art programs for over 30 years, and husband, artist and songster MARC ALBANESE. Founded in 2008, we’re celebrating our 15th year in our new location – 14 Bedford Road, Lincoln MA 01773. 

Contact Us


First Parish House
14 Bedford Road
Lincoln, MA 01773

(617) 413–7774

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