Beehive’s Summer ART takes place in June and July. Our Summer Art Workshops are loaded with a variety of fun and exciting ART projects! Each week is unique, offering new materials, techniques and explorations.

Summer Workshops

I am so excited we are included in this amazing line up of ART studios for kids. Written by an amazing mom, creative, teacher and one of the most thoughtful people Meri Cherry

If you find yourself in one of these cities this summer,  stop in and pull up a paint brush, you’ll be so glad you did.  AND.. our beehive doors and arms are always open too!!



BEEHIVE ART has developed and created studio arts programs for children that are designed to inspire young minds. Our objective is to expose as many kids to the sheer joy of creative and artistic expression without limits or boundaries, as possible. To engage, develop and enhance their imaginations, out-side-the-box reasoning & problem solving, self identity & self worth.

We implement and provide ART enrichment programs in public and private schools and offer classes, workshops and events at our studio located in the Peace Community Arts Center, 107 Concord Road, Wayland MA 01778.

BEEHIVE is a creatively charged visual art experience for children. It’s about inspiring with the sheer joy of the creative process and introducing exciting techniques and mediums. We offer awesome ART classes and work- shops for kids at our studio in Wayland, MA. Details about upcoming winter classes on classes page. Find out about our summer programs on the summer ART page. We also present special workshops and ART ENRICHMENT programs and events at schools and centers. Details on the workshops page.

BEEHIVE is presented and run by KIM POLER, who has taught elementary art in public and private schools for 25 years. She was a sculpture major at BU’s School of Fine Art. She is assisted by her husband, visual artist and musician MARC ALBANESE.

Contact Us


Studio: 107 Concord Road | WAYLAND, MA 01778

Phone: (617) 413 – 7774



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